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Fix it Myself

Can I buy parts and fix my own television?
Do you have experience soldering small parts, reading schematics, and troubleshooting electronic circuitry? Many people get on the internet and try to find a way to repair their own television, but the results can be severe circuit board damage and even serious personal injury. A simple inexpensive repair can soon turn into a nightmare.
Please use extreme caution, obviously we do not recommend that you attempt to repair your own television. Please know that many televisions can maintain up to 30,000 volts even days after the set has been unplugged from the wall. Please read this article on safety and precautions.  
Application of the correct amount of heat for the correct amount of time is critical. Modern flat panel televisions have fragile circuit boards that can be ruined with a low cost soldering iron. Consider that electrostatic discharge can damage sensitive electronic components and know that low quality aftermarket counterfeit parts found on the internet can be defective.
Before you risk damage to your set or worse, call Albuquerque's Master Television Service for a free estimate and speak with an experienced factory trained TV repair technician. We are locally owned and operated and we offer free expert advice, great low rates, and a 180 day warranty. And if you have friends and family in Rhode Island in need of TV repair, please have them contact our good friends at TV PC Laptop Pro.
Fix it Myself
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